Complete online course for Norwegian boating, chart materials included

A complete online course for the Norwegian Boat license test (Båtførerprøven) that covers the entire curriculum. After you pass the test you are able to pilot leisure boats up to 15 meters in length.

The chart package contains a rolling ruler, 3 charts (2 copies of the exam charts and 1 copy of Boknafjorden) and a sticker with the navigational markers. Note that the package does not contain a nautical divider, but you can use a regular divider.

The course is made up of approximately 30 modules that cover all topics you can get on the boating license exam. Everything from engine knowledge to navigational markers is covered here, and the course is a perfect alternative to ordinary classroom courses. The modules consists of video lessons with accompanying questions as separate subtests along the way. Finally, there are 2 exams that reflect a full-fledged boating exam, and if you score over 80% on these, you are ready for the boat driver exam!
The course has been prepared by one of the country's most experienced boating instructors who has taught over 6000 students.

Effective completion time: Approx. 6 hours
Purchased online course is available for 45 days from the date of purchase.

THE TEST: Everyone who wants to take the boating exam must register on Båtfø This costs 813,- as per 2022 and covers the actual test and issuance of the license.
The actual boat driver exam / test must be taken at an approved test center such as Nautilas offices in Oslo. Contact us at to arrange a trial date.

For more information about the online test, see Båtfø Note that the Boat Driver Register has reduced capacity for online tests and that you must be out in good time to book the desired trial period. At the time of writing (mid-May), there are no free times to take the online test before about 20 June.

Please note that we make continuous changes to the course to constantly give you an excellent and targeted course for you to pass the test and more importantly, be a safer captain.
  • Get the chart materials sent to you
  • 1 Word and Expressions
  • 2 Trim and Stability
  • 3 Vessel Types
  • 4 CE-Marking
  • 5 Basic Engine Knowledge
  • 6 Knots
  • 7 Mooring
  • 8 Anchoring
  • 9 Safety Equipment
  • 10 Communication Equipment
  • 11 Miscellaneous Equipment
  • 12 Visual Signaling and Distress Signals
  • 13 Speed Restrictions
  • 14 Responsibility, Liability and Insurance
  • 15 Intoxication
  • 16 Watersports
  • 17 Weather and Tide
  • 18 Fire Safety
  • 19 First Aid
  • 20 Chart Symbols
  • 21 Navigational Aids and Markers
  • 22 Right of Way-Rules
  • 23 Lights and Lighthouses
  • Transition to IALA standard for Norwegian sector lights
  • 24 Navigational Lights
  • Navigational lights - What kind of boat do you see?
  • Navigational lights - What kind of boat do you see? Answers
  • 25 Sound and Maneuvering Signals
  • 26 Navigational Charts, an Overview
  • Answer to question on previous video
  • 27 The compass
  • 28 Time, Speed and Distance
  • 29 Chart Work
  • 30 Chart work, Solutions
  • Alle enheter må fullføres